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Contact Lenses

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Contact Lenses - Yes or No?

Contact lenses are a simple and easy alternative to wearing spectacles. They offer freedom and flexibility, especially for people who live active lifestyles. However, they do require extra care and attention in handling and keeping the lenses clean to avoid bacterial infections.

How Contact Lenses Work

Contact lenses are small, thin prescription lenses that are worn in “contact” with the eye. They are designed to correct refractive errors and maintain ocular health.
Contact lenses work by floating on a layer of tears that cover the cornea, with each blink, a fresh supply of oxygen-laden tears washes behind the lens to bathe and nourish the cornea. Since the lenses stick to the tear fluid on the eyes surface, they move naturally with your eye direction.
Contact lenses work to correct vision in the same way that spectacles do, they alter the direction of light rays to focus light properly onto the retina.
They are available in soft and hard lenses as well as daily, fortnightly or monthly disposable lenses.


  • Always follow the instructions and wearing schedule recommended by your Optometrist
  • If your eyes become sore or red, stop wear and consult your optometrist for advice
  • Before handling and insertion, always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and dry with a lint-free towel and never use tap water or saliva on your contact lenses
  • Check that the contact lens has not turned inside out before insertion
  • Keep your contact lenses well lubricated at all times, being while inserted in your eye with artificial tears, or while stored in your contact lens case with contact lens cleaning solution
  • Clean and disinfect your contact lenses using fresh solution after removing
  • Always have a pair of spectacles for back up in case of emergencies
  • Always have a backup set of contact lenses handy
  • Always follow the instructions given by your Optometrist

Do Not:

  • Over-wear your contact lenses beyond their recommended wear time and instructed by your Optometrist
  • Keep or use contact lenses solution after the expiry date
  • Insert your contact lenses if the lens is damaged
  • Wear your contact lenses while swimming, unless you are wearing goggles
  • Rub your eyes when wearing contact lenses
  • Never use tap water or saliva on your contact lenses